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Raw Temple Hair Extensions

Raw Hair Extensions!

About Dreamy Tress

About Dreamy Tress - Dreamy Tress



Luxurious Dreamy Hair Extension from Southern India & Southeast Asia! Dreamy Tress is the #1 source for beautiful raw unprocessed natural hair. Our product quality and customer service is our top priority. We are firm believers in offering a service that you deserve. We work with the top Raw hair vendors/manufacturers in the hair temples of Southern Indian & SEAsia to provide superior quality Raw Hair. 

Raw hair is superior. The classified secret is that temple raw hair is the greatest hair in the extensions market. Granting the client’s a natural appearance that blends perfectly with natural hair and a long survival & high-quality hair extensions that can last 5+ years with the correct hair maintenance and care. Our team will supply the finest Raw hair strands without breaking the piggy bank is our Holy grail here at Dreamy Tress. Substantial exploration and studies have been conducted to supply the best raw hair from the temples in Southern India for our clientele. 

Dreamy Tress assures our clients to honor standards for our raw hair brand and customer appreciation. We will not risk the standard of our raw hair extensions or rapport with our clients during industry pressure. (Quality over Quality). Our goal is to source & supply the very finest product first and foremost. Our morals & nobility comes firstly and above anything. 

Dreamy Tress hair extensions are from Southeast Asia & Southern Indian temples and donated from a single donor, the cuticles are intact and flow in one direction. This is why our raw hair will mimic your natural hair. Raw hair will be minimal shedding & tangling, and utterly no matting. You will look absolutely exquisite. Shop confidently and enjoy the compliments.